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to build an identity that can future proof Chivas Regal. To cater more to an audience of 18-25 that may need extremely major adjustments in order to engage with that type of audience. they want a identity that is current and uses their whisky as a status symbol. 

The Chivas Regal consumer currently - 

- a older generation that has been involved in whisky for quite some time
- predominantly male consumer
- 33-55 age range
- and affluent middle class man who often buys Chivas Regal as a way of self love and comfort 
- likes a bottle that has historical value 
- a consumer that often drinks whisky on it's own. 
- a consumer that's favour drink is whisky and they often show about it.

The 18-25 Consumer - 

- Will only drink whisky when is mixed into a cocktail
- Likes exciting drinks that have cool concepts and maybe even prizes 
- often drinks spirits mixed with something or having a flavour such as - watermellon vodka
- exciting colourful packaging engages them.
- drinks to get drunk

Pre-Exsisting Whisky that fits the stereotype 

Issues with paying to the stereotype-

playing to this stereotype will then constantly target the same consumer. This puts us into pitfalls as we are completely changing our consumer and trying to future proof the brand of Chivas regal. 

Possible areas to explore - 

18-25 are drawn by image and colour - whisky has associations of dark colours, make it bright turn it on it's head and convert the conventions of a whisky design and consumer. 
Does it have to be in a bottle - ice pops? shots? youngsters are into the age of 'shots' and drinks that are travel size. how far can we push this. could this be an additional add on to the identity.
label being wrapped round the bottle - can it be on the all of the bottle and not reveal any liquid 
social media being the key to engaging the audience - making a beautiful and engaging social media that tone of voice is engaging to that age range. giveaways? promotional code? 
brightening the photography and making that a pinicol focus - I know from being in this age range that aesthetic photography
floral pattern - a way for experimentation 
<![CDATA[Eden River brewery - Soft Drinks]]>Tue, 09 Nov 2021 16:06:15 GMThttp://morrellsharp.grillust.uk/year-three/eden-river-brewery-soft-drinks
This time I am creating a series of four soft drink 330ml cans for the distinctive Eden River Brewery. they want their cans to be mainstream but stand out from their other competitors on the shelf. they are Westmoreland/tebay company that are looking to expand just cumbria areas.  They want a packaging that reflects them being natural, having a provinence and being a high standard. 

​Eden river brewery as a brand 

Eden River brewery are known for constantly wanting to innovate their designs to stand out in amongst their competitors. Made in cumbria they are looking to make 200,000 units of these soft drinks to place in and around cumbria. 
Here are some past designs that Eden Brewery has brought out that I am especially inspired by:


The target audience for these soft drinks are people who could nip into the services and want to pick these soft drinks up for any walks of life. for children, for middle aged men or women. Anyone that could be picking up soft drinks, so this mens the design has to be deemed appropriate for all ages. The design needs to be; 
- appropriate for all ages
- artistic and different to stand out with other competitors 
- clean an professional 
- current and even added humour 
- consistent designs across all four products that all correlate to one another. 
- has all the right components for what a soft drink should have like, nutrients, allergens and ingredients 

soft drinks industry - Pre existing design 

in order to understand what I want on my own design, looking at other designs of pre existing soft drink cans will inspire me and generate ideas for what I want with my own cans and perhaps incorporating it into my own work. 

My initial drawings and ideas

Taking it on screen 

First set of alterations

Last final cans - adjusting of the orange and lemon

<![CDATA[Module Two - Theatre Identity]]>Wed, 13 Oct 2021 10:12:24 GMThttp://morrellsharp.grillust.uk/year-three/module-two-theatre-identity

Echoes of the Yesteryear

this company are very focused on being an inclusive and collaborative travel theatre company. They want to represent local legends and bring back history into fashion and allow communities to join together and love where they come from. 

Theatre Research

Theatre is a collaborative performing art that uses live performers to present the experience of real stories. theatre as a whole has its own genre and areas for design and you can really see that through the way they campaign right down to the interior of the theatres.

Audience profile

Audience is very important for not only this company but to making sure we adhere to the right people and know where we can gain our audience. Echoes of the Yesteryear want their audience to be;
- inclusive and understanding 
- a keen learner for history and their community
- up to collaborate with many actors and actresses and not compete with them
- looking to see theatre in a range of unconventional places 
- cite inspired 
- looking to participate in surveys. 
- looking to travel around the uk to explore new places 
- could be a young adult or have their own family.
This is important and vital to the design process so you are able to cater to your audience. 

​Tone of voice

with tone of voice the design process is going to be vastly different depending on what approach I reckon to come up with.

Avant Garde

a more modernistic and clever approach like Avant Garde could be a poster approach to consider. this can then appear to more than just the older audience in the community with having essences of nostalgic qualities.
a more nostalgic approach will allow more room for historic elements to flow in possibly appealing more to the older community and being more recognisable to them. this could run into issues and maybe discriminate or even confuse the younger audience who are unaware of the context behind the poster.

Initial Ideas - Logos & Typefaces

​Logo Requirements

-The client wanted a logo to be the main vocal point of their brand that included;
- historical features
- simplistic and easy to see
- iconic and easily recognisable 
- nice typography alongside
​- to represent what they are as a company
- to show essences of culture and travel


For a typeface for their specific needs and requirements has to be clean, classy and yet somehow show some historic value. Serif Typefaces for me show historic and clean value that the clients want throughout their brand. Typefaces like Didot have have clean qualities to them. Snell Roundhead could be a typeface suitable for Display text throughout the campaign but something more condensed for body text.

Final Brand Identity Guidelines


although not being told the production I wanted to go through and allow there were designs that can easily be altered or replicated to suit each production. I wanted minimal and affective approaches that focused on a sillouhettete or a close up of the face. I made 3 examples and thumbnails my initial ideas.

Social Media Identity

The founders of Echoes of Yesteryear stressed that their main source of communication Is social media for them as accompanied to posters. I wanted this to stand out and cater to all age groups so that their audience needs are met. 

Letter Heads

Letterheads are important for any letter or email to look proffesional and continue the brand onto multiple different platforms. Platforms are a great place to allow the brand to shine through colour palettes, shapes, accents and the accentuation of the logo. I wanted to continue the running theme of the red and the grey. I wanted simplicity but it to be effective and have a clean finish


After refinements

Last finishing touches 

<![CDATA[Module One -]]>Tue, 28 Sep 2021 09:24:02 GMThttp://morrellsharp.grillust.uk/year-three/module-one


- ​the centre of interest or activity.
   "this generation has made the environment a focus of attention"
- the state or quality of having or producing clear visual definition.
   "his face is rather out of focus"
adapt to the prevailing level of light and become able to see clearly.
   "try to focus on a stationary object"​
-​pay particular attention to.
  "the study will focus on a number of areas in Wales"


- centre, focal point, centre of attention, hub, pivot, nucleus, king pin, sharp, crisp, distinct, blurry  


- Circle, dispersion, dissipation, divergence, foe


here are some examples of me playing around with some digital type before I converged on to paper. the idea of focus to me could mean blurry texts, maybe a focal point within the text for the viewer to look at, illusions or even experimenting around with colour t bring 'focus' to the word.

Photography - Day Two 

here are some photography pieces I've taken that incorporate focusing. I wanted to create blurry pictures to do the opposite of focusing or creating that non pinical focus. and others where there is the main focus of the image whether that's done naturally by the camera or whether I've edited it to make it the focus of the image.


Colours, Textures & interpretations - Day Three

Patterns & Abstract Exploritory - Day Four


here is where I started to jot down ideas of what I thought could work for the contents of my monograph.