<![CDATA[Morrell Design - Typography]]>Sun, 11 Sep 2022 05:29:08 +0100Weebly<![CDATA[Migration Type Journal]]>Wed, 27 Jan 2021 11:30:52 GMThttp://morrellsharp.grillust.uk/typography/migration-type-journalMigration to me is about movement and flow and when I Incorpperate that into my typography I want it to be easily distinguished. internal migration: moving within a state, country, or continent. external migration: moving to a different state, country, or continent. emigration: leaving one country to move to another. immigration: moving into a new country. return migration: moving back to where you came from.
I wanted to think of how I could show migration through typography in a way that was unique and a version of my interpretation. I found it interesting how we associate different pieces of typography and there style with a country or common fonts are displayed in that country that then become easily recognisable to us as theirs and made me think how that would look if the combination were blended.

Initial Sketches

I started to put my visions down on paper and start to visualise how I want my type to look like. using grid structures makes it easier to form out a typefaces and gives you a structure to work from. these are ideas of what I initial though to be cool concepts. 
I thought that with migration includes the different countries and how we distinguish even countries to the way/style of the typography we see around. This intrigued me and allowed me to explore further with the idea of merging the ideas into a way that created a whole new type face. 
I decided to play around physically with letter forms and seeing the idea of forming them together and how it would work before putting it into photoshop and illustrator to do it in a software format. 

Putting My Ideas On Screen

I decided to then play around in photoshop and blend in separate fonts together to see how this would work. I allowed to continue myself to look at fonts we associate that with other countries and to see where I could go in changing that to how I would represent migration as a whole.

Starting to make my font

I decided to go through and merge some existing fonts together as a trial period and see how the process works out. This allowed me to develop a love for the curves and 'swooshes' of some of the type faces and I felt that the fluidity and freeness of some of the type faces I've discovered and felt that was another factor.

Final Products

here is one of my completed versions of my migration typeface. I Incorperated the blend and emerging of typefaces and added a more crisp and structured font like Baskerville to be merged with a typeface that were a lot more free and had a lot more of a flow and curl to it like Snell Roundhand to create a typeface with much more movement and expression. Typefaces with a lot more movement is something I could picture to demonstrate for migration because of how the definition of migration is all about movement too. 

Migration - Type Two

Making a Poster

Making a promotional poster to advertise and show a playful side of the typeface you have made is crucial. I wanted to make a poster that is simplistic and clean but also playful and showcasing the font that I have made. These are a few inspirations that I looked up to. I like the way they showcase their type as well as using essences of scale and colour to make it playful and interesting.
<![CDATA[Interactive Journalism]]>Wed, 18 Nov 2020 15:50:19 GMThttp://morrellsharp.grillust.uk/typography/interactive-journalism
Following from our magazine spreads on migration we are now developing that and making creative and interactive journalism to create more ideas and allow people to interact and have a way of enjoying something that can be digital. These elements are vital for creating an 'experience' for the viewer and allows them to see more elements of photography as well as each piece of information having its own identity and I am looking to make a coherent interactive magazine that goes along with the theme that I have. 
I want my pieces to be quite dynamic and still look like my style as well as all link in with my first article that I made disploiting the black and white images that came along with the article. I want these to be early navigated so that the viewer is able find their way through the website without no hassle and they are able to get to the relevant information that they need.
I want to make images interactive so that when you click them you are able to be taken to another source of information if it peaks their interest. I want highlighted words that could lead off to other articles or relative pieces of information.

Creating Screens 

I felt the best place to start were to create some screens for the hyperlinks and interactive elements to start. This is where I started to think of how I would want the layout of my screens to look. I started by creating a fundamental base to both the opening and contents page. Although all information isn't there I am starting to see shape in how I can see other opportunities to make other interactive links 
I carried on to experiment and make more screens before I would venture around with interactive elements within indesign. I wanted to make two of my screens my migration article to, to incorporate my work and allow there to be continuity, 

Final Products

Here are some screen grabs of some final mock ups I have made without adjustments to feedback. I wanted my App to be monochromatic and follow a similar style and look on each page to show continuity. Although the interactive features are not the most extravegant I gave it a go with it and wanted the main focus to be on the photography.The highlighted words are also set up to be clicked and linked to another page on the app for further information. The video of the run through is In My one Drive Folder Under 'Migration App'.