<![CDATA[Morrell Design - Year Two]]>Sat, 10 Sep 2022 05:46:02 +0100Weebly<![CDATA[Personal Design Challenge - Hoodie Edition]]>Thu, 19 Aug 2021 13:10:48 GMThttp://morrellsharp.grillust.uk/year-two/personal-design-challenge-hoodie-editionI've always been inspired by the 'playboy' aesthetic. From print magazines to now hoodies and clothing ranges, Playboy is a well known aesthetic and recognisable style that has influenced me to create my own replica with my own added touches to it. I love the Rockwell Bold font they use and nature of the photography is the iconic touches to it. 


Playboy became a thing in the mid 1900's and is even extremely current now. Missguided X Playboy has now taken off with the fast fashion and well established fashion retailer Missguided has collaborated with Playboy to create some very current and unique pieces, especially the hoodies have took everyone by storm.

Playboy is known for displaying page 3 type photos, provocative pictures of women on their front covers that makes them stand out from their time. But now even pictures of lips are used to represent playboy. 


wanted to keep authentic to the 'Playboy' style but using my own photography and putting my own spin on things. I generated ideas and started to Draw down the sort of things I wanted 

Creating the piece 

here I created my own photography to appear on the front of the playboy hoodie to make it authentically my own. I added the authentic Rockwell bold font that playboy use and subtly placed the bunny logo in the corner of the piece. 
<![CDATA[My Own Work & Discoveries]]>Fri, 13 Aug 2021 14:54:44 GMThttp://morrellsharp.grillust.uk/year-two/my-own-work-discoveriesOver the holidays going from year 2 venturing into final year I have been looking heavily into more contemporary design to broaden my understanding and here is some things that interested me!
<![CDATA[Reassesment]]>Sat, 19 Jun 2021 13:12:22 GMThttp://morrellsharp.grillust.uk/year-two/reassesmentBreif 
the brief is to create a broadsheet that can inform the viewer on a particular time period as well as presenting information in a way that makes it accessible and easily understood by users.You are to create a folded broadsheet/poster that gives a dynamic, informative and entertaining ‘snapshot’ of your year in words and images. The intended target audience would be aged 15 upwards.

What happened in 1966?

Throughout the three years I was given I felt the year 1966 was great for historical events that could be presented in a. fascinating way. Fashion was on the rise with the mini skirts, China's cultural revolution begins, miranda rights become law and much more and this can heavily influence the way in which I design my leaflet. The 60's are a very prominent era for their distinct fashion, interior and design in general and thought that would be a great way to start me thinking about what the outcome of my leaflet/broadsheet should be. 

Inflation and Vietnam Protests

Inflation grew as a result of the Vietnam protests. race riots began to increase across cities in America and as a result this is why National Guards were needed to be brought back into place. March 26th Vietnam War and the start of international days of protest. These protests originally started in 1963 between London and Denmark, but in 1966 was when up to 200,000 protesters attended anti Vietnam protests all across the world and many more protests like this took place and continued for five more years as America's support continued to erode as they then formally  ended the war January 23rd 1973 following the signing of the Paris treatment 

Miranda rights/Warning

Although this case was filed in 1963 the Supreme Court heard the case of Patty Mcgee and disputed the verdict based on the issue off the 6th amendment with the right to consul before interrogation June 13th Chief Justice Earl Warren wrote the opinion in Miranda v. Arizona The person in custody must, prior to interrogation, be clearly informed that he has the right to remain silent, and that anything he says will be used against him in court; he must be clearly informed that he has the right to consult with a lawyer and to have the lawyer with him during interrogation, and that, if he is indigent, a lawyer will be appointed to represent him. The state of Arizona retired him and at his second trial his evidence was shown and in December after only serving only a third of his sentence Ernesto Arturo Miranda was released.  The Miranda warning / Miranda Rights is the name of the formal warning that is required to be given by police in the United States to criminal suspects in police custody (or in a custodial situation) before they are interrogated, in accordance with the Miranda ruling.

Aberfan Disaster

a slag heap containing unwanted rock from a local coal mine slid down the mountain Merthyr Mountain resulting in twenty houses destroyed a farm and a junior school killing 144 and whom of 116 were children. 

Department of Transportation

In the US the department ion transport was created in October by an act of congress.

Fashion - the rise of the mini skirt

the fashion in both the UK and USA were heavily influenced and came from a small street in London called Carnaby street as a part of the swinging scene. Patterns were in with both men and women, flowered skirts, boots caps and vinyls to provide this wet look were starting to hit the high streets. Hemlines on mini skirts were becoming more popular on the younger generation as the mini skirt was becoming the clothing of choice. 

Televison - The batman series 

Many popular and iconic series and films debuted in this year including, Star Trek & The Batman television series. Although the batman series were hugely popular it only managed to stay alive for 3 seasons and with Star Trek after ending gained a cult following over the years and became more popular in later years.

Popular toy releases 

Germany Berlin Wall, Italy Flooding, peace between Pakistan and India 

Lunar 9 landed on the mooning February of 66 and us followed on later with the landing of surveyor 1 as well as USSR's Luna 10 spacecraft becomes the first man-made object to orbit the Moon. Population in the US were at it's weakest of 195 million, race riots in Atlanta became a significant factor in American politics, the Salvation Army celebrated their 100 year anniversary, Italy breaks out in dramatic floods, Barbados achieves full independence and England beat Germany in the 1966 World Cup.


Broadsheet design sets a follow of rules in order to be as dynamic and innovative as it's kind. a sufficient grid method to slot relevant information into place is key. I've been researching and looking at pre existing pieces to inspire me and give me ideas of layout and stylistic qualities for my leaflet. How will I display information in a creative way? how will I show the essence of 1966 through the broadsheet? what possible limitations could I have?

thumbnails and mindmaps

So here is where we start to think of layout and format and inside contents for the broadsheet. using a particular grid method like the one below is beneficial for everything to fit into place correctly. This is also vital as using. grid method like this can allow the folds to sit perfectly where they need to be. 
Mindmapping is a great way to generate ideas and come up with solutions to ideas that you have had. I've come to the conclusion I want a four folded broadsheet with dominating titles black and white photography to make it classy and timeless as well as adhering to the brief. 

Target Audience

Material choices & Typography

I wanted to trial and test the limitations of creating a broadsheet. Using heavy weighted paper or card is going to make the folds harder to create. But with too flimsy paper with not enough structure will no allow your broadsheet to withstand a lot. Aswell as that I wanted to test out different ways of folding to make sure that the four folding that I envisioned I wanted was great for the content I want within the broadsheet. I firstly wanted to see what they would appear liken A4 to see how much imitations this would hold in comparison to the final A2 piece.
Here I try out the folding in four parts and add even some content to a mock up version to get an a vision and feel as to what a final result would be looking like.

Typography Choices

Because of the era or content being about the 1960's especially 66 I want the typography to reflect the time period.

make 3 rough layouts and see which one deems most successful

wanted to firstly create something and message round with ideas in a familiar format of A4 before venturing into A3.

the green what happened in 66 thumbnail explored in A2

The football thumnail explored in A2

pick which one is the most successfully and try different tweaks 

pick a final and do templates to show off final products

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Introduction Into Infographics

An animated infographic is a visually appealing depiction of data, facts, figures, and stats. They can cover any subject and, thanks to their ability to transform often boring figures into vivid, memorable experiences, are easily absorbable and informative for specialists and casual viewers alike.
But, as the digital landscape becomes more and more cluttered with content, basic image infographics, though effective on their own, just aren’t cutting it like they used to.
That’s where animation comes in!
By enhancing your image with motion, it will naturally draw the attention of the human eye. So, for maximum engagement, you should get the audience interested with attractive animation and then keep them interested with surprising and informative content.

The 10 most common styles of animated infographic are:
  1. Maps: For data intrinsically linked to a geographical location (or locations), using maps to visualise it is the most effective method.
  2. Process or How-To: Directional cues take the viewer through a series of instructional steps.
  3. Exploded View: Each component of a product is separated in the order of assembly to get to the core of how it works.
  4. Comparisons: Two or more similar, or dissimilar, things are compared side by side to highlight their distinctions.
  5. Interactive: The viewer can interact with the animated infographic by clicking on various components for a closer look or to influence the content in some way. Take a look at my interactive video guide for more info here.
  6. Data Visualisation: In-depth information can be easily communicated with Venn diagrams, pie and bar charts, line graphs, etc.
  7. Kinetic Typography: For infographic videos especially, animated moving text is a great way to convey more abstract information.
  8. Timeline: A chronological visualisation of how something has changed or evolved over a certain time period.

Introduction into Drag 

​Drag began out of necessity, although that’s not to say its participants didn’t enjoy it. When Shakespearean theatre was shiny and new in the late 16th and early 17th centuries, the stage wasn’t just a place of entertainment. It had strong links to the church and with that came rules that only men could tread the boards. If that play you were in featured a few female roles, then it was up to a couple of the men in the cast to dress as members of the opposite sex so the story didn’t suffer.

The word ‘drag’ is believed to have theatrical origins too. The dresses men wore to play female characters would drag along the floor.

Actors playing female parts because there were no actresses around isn’t exactly in the spirit of what we call drag today - but it was a start. It soon became a way for men (often gay men, although plenty of heterosexual men wear drag as well) to express a different side of themselves, over-exaggerating feminine looks, style and body language to create a persona. As RuPaul himself says, there is more to drag than impersonating a woman: “I don't dress like a woman; I dress like a drag queen!” 
Drag kings, where female performers adopt an exaggerated male persona, are also popular. Christian Adore is an act that challenges gender norms and stereotypes through comedy, and appears regularly on the London circuit.

The Category Is Vaudeville

​As time went on, drag became more about the individual and the queens built up their own fanbases. One of the biggest stars of the earliest 20th century was Julian Eltinge. Whereas many drag queens played on the fact they were men in women’s clothing, Eltinge (as she was often known) had many fans convinced she was not a character, but a genuine actress.

Eltinge emerged from the world of vaudeville, known as variety theatre in the UK, where cross-dressing was very popular. At the end of performances, he would remove his wig and reveal his gender to the crowd, often to cries of disbelief. Hugely popular, for more than 20 years, Eltinge’s career was very much on an upward trajectory, until variety acts fell out of favour in the 1930s. While there was a tolerance, even celebration of drag and LGBT people in the USA during the 1920s and early '30s (known as the 'pansy craze'), American society became more reactionary in the mid-1930s, amid fears surrounding sex crime, which had a negative impact on the way drag was perceived.

After the Second World War, although homosexuality was still frowned upon by society as a whole - even illegal in some cases - there were still drag acts who broke through the negativity and had successful careers. These including Danny La Rue in the UK, who made his name in the 1950s, and Dame Edna Everage, the flamboyant creation of comedian Barry Humphries, who first appeared in the 1960s.

Elegant tip-toes into the mainstream

The Stonewall Riot of 1969 saw drag queens, most notably Marsha P Johnson, protest against police raids on gay bars in New York City and led to the creation of the Gay Liberation Front.
The fight for acceptance and equality grew in profile over the 1970s and 1980s, with Harvey Milk becoming the first openly gay man to be voted in to public office in San Francisco in 1977.

​That positive representation gradually bled through into the mainstream. The famed Divine, who died in 1988, appeared in many movies by the director John Waters, which had crossover success (Divine played Edna Turnblad in the original version of 
Hairspray). And by the early 1990s, RuPaul was on the cusp of global fame, combining a drag persona with a recording career that included a duet with Elton John.
In 2009, the first series of Drag Race aired. Its mix of challenges, costume creation, skits and impersonations has made it appointment television for a surprisingly diverse audience (Dame Judi Dench is a big fan) and has even influenced the language itself.

Symbols Associated with Drag

was starting to then think of symbols or objects that could easily represent a part or an aspect reflected to drag. I thought of things such as heels, makeup, bags and accessories. these gave me starting points to think of how I could use these in a representation to show the statistics in some good infographics. 
Peter Grundy has done some great illustrative and unique ways of conveying perhaps 'boring' information into a way that's fun and easy to understand. I want to make my piece into a mixture of both photographical and symbolic infographics to fit the suited topic that I am doing which is about the topics and possible issues faced in the world of drag. 

Aesthetics & Social media posting

Rupaul and the drag race community have this specific aesthetic that is undeniable and simply recognisable. it is always over the top and 'extra' and this needs to be embodied into my work and infographic to show consistency and that it belongs to the 'drag' family. 

Here they had made a new campaign for their top four finalists this season. This gave me the inspiration to create pieces in the style of these with pastel colours, sparkle accents and bold graffiti like typography for each individuals names and felt like these stylistic qualities should be included alongside my infographics to bring it all together 

Trial & error

here is my development work of making my infographics all by hand and seeing how it plays out by placing it onto screen and seeing how it goes before making any final decisions

​Final Pieces 

<![CDATA[Making it a brand]]>Fri, 05 Mar 2021 20:12:43 GMThttp://morrellsharp.grillust.uk/year-two/making-it-a-brandAfter showcasing ideas on how I could see potential logos going. I have now decided to think of ways of tying the whole brand together and making a scheme that would be not only fitting for York but something that people of my age would be interested in and would want to be a part of.  Because of the history between York and chocolate, we thought it would be fitting to involve something with chocolate in and based the rest of the things around the chocolate event that we were holding. 
some thumbnails of some designs that I have created in mind of the scheme as fundraisers we would do to hold York as city of culture. Chocolate has a common theme and I think it would be a waste to. 

Advertisement on Trains & Billboards

being appointed in the group as the person who is looking particularly at how we can showcase our brand and our identity for York on trains and billboards, this is where I needed to look at how we often associate advertising on trains and how they have to be effective for the 'pace' of travel.
<![CDATA[Initial Ideas & Starting points]]>Tue, 23 Feb 2021 10:39:26 GMThttp://morrellsharp.grillust.uk/year-two/initial-ideas-starting-pointsWith York being this historical, beautiful  place as well as being highly cultured and having many things go on in it's favour this gave me the opportunity to think of many ways I could incorporate that into design and a brand identity. 
I created a visual driver for what would make the 'York' client with the chosen colour pallet, vehicles and lifestyle. This gave me more inspiration and drove me into more colour pallets and where design would appear in the life of someone from York or how that city would be likely to be presented.

Confectionary In The World of Design

Within my group I am looking at confectionary and how that is linked in with York and their values as a city. York is Known for their Confectionary and is a very big part in their city of culture. I decided to look at pre exsisting confectionary design for inspiration and how confectionary is presented in the world of design.
Through looking at packaging and confectionery as a whole I started to focus on logos and typography within the confectionery world.
  • Top chocolate brands such as Kit Kat, Aero, Smarties, After Eight, Yorkie, Chocolate Orange and Black Magic were all created in York.

  • Rowntree’s owned York’s first motor car, which they used to promote the brand by creating a giant can of Elect Cocoa and putting it on the car. The public would come from miles around to seethespectacle.The car once broke down in Sheffield city centre getting the drivers arrested for being a nuisance. The giant tin of cocoa would often fall over as it was too heavy. 

  •  Terry’s first created the Chocolate Apple before the iconic Chocolate Orange. There was al so a Chocolate Lemon in the 1980s.
  • The competitive rivalry between Cadbury and Rowntree’s is thought to have inspired Roald Dahl to create Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Dahl went to school in Derbyshire. It might have been the school trip to the Rowntree factory that shaped his imagination.

First Initial Sketches

More research Into the Chocolate

to better understand my knowledge I looked more into confectionary and how it is reflected in Yorks culture and is reflected as a city. 

York is the UK’s home of chocolate, while other northern centres made their wealth from wool, cotton and steel, York went its own sweet way and built a city from chocolate. This great tradition continues to this day, where all over the city there are echoes of York’s chocolate past.
Rowntree's is very well known for being funded in York. I was really fascinated by the curly typography that they have and used for rowntrees back when they first emerged and it inspired me to create different visions and see how that would look like in a logo for our brand.
<![CDATA[Branding & Publicity]]>Tue, 16 Feb 2021 13:49:02 GMThttp://morrellsharp.grillust.uk/year-two/branding-publicity

York History & Famous Inhabitants 

 York is widely recognised as one of the most beautiful parts of the country and is often voted one of the most popular places to live. York is a walled city in northeast England that was founded by the ancient Romans. Its huge 13th-century Gothic cathedral, York Minster, has medieval stained glass and 2 functioning bell towers. The City Walls form a walkway on both sides of the River Ouse.The city of York is incredibly historic and is renowned for its beautiful architecture. The Minster sits in the heart of the city drawing thousands of visitors a year. Much of the city is car free which is seen to be safe  and less busy, less noisy and less polluted city centre which can be enjoyed in peace and comfort. York has two main theatres offering drama, musicals, opera, dance and comedy – the York Theatre Royal, which was established in 1744, and the Grand Opera House.

York is one of England’s finest and most beautiful historic cities. The Romans knew it as Eboracum. To the Saxons it was Eoforwick. The Vikings, who came as invaders but stayed on in settlements, called it Jorvik. York’s more recent history has also characterised the city. There’s the architecture from medieval times, its magnificent Georgian town houses and its Victorian railway station. When you walk round York you can tell that it's life today is still linked with the past. The medieval streets and buildings are beautifully preserved in the historic pieces.

The Viking invasion of York took place on November 1st 866AD and was led by Ivar The Boneless who along with King Halfden renamed the city Jorvik. The Vikings who settled in York were mainly a peaceful bunch despite what we read about their bloody campaigns. They farmed the land and were great craftsmen, traders, artists, engineers and ship builders. Over the one hundred years that York was under Viking rule the city prospered greatly.

York is one of England’s finest and most beautiful historic cities. The Romans knew it as Eboracum. To the Saxons it was Eoforwick. The Vikings, who came as invaders but stayed on in settlements, called it Jorvik. York’s more recent history has also characterised the city. There’s the architecture from medieval times, its magnificent Georgian town houses and its Victorian railway station. When you walk round York you can tell that it's life today is still linked with the past. The medieval streets and buildings are beautifully preserved in the historic pieces
There are many famous performers, actors/actresses in York that have made a name for the city such as 

Medieval History

The Medieval period is an important era in York’s history, as many of the city’s landmark buildings that make up the city skyline were built within this era. The city walls were rebuilt and strengthened, and old wooden Viking buildings were reconstructed in stone. Four new fortified gates, or "bars", were built to regulate traffic through the walls and the stone keep of York Castle as reinforced ands is known as today as Clifford's Tower. The city’s growing prosperity in trade and commerce is reflected in the imposing Merchant Adventurers' Hall and the Guildhall. 
<![CDATA[Book Design & Research]]>Wed, 04 Nov 2020 13:52:39 GMThttp://morrellsharp.grillust.uk/year-two/book-design-researchTypograohical Book Design
Typographical book design is something that I believe is and arts within its self. it can range from being really neat and precise to being very free handed and as though it had been hand written and have a really unique quality to it. These are some book covers I have found to be quite effective and what I would love to create myself. 

Photographical Book Covers

I love photography and the power that an image brings. Unlike Typographical book covers I feel that if you have a powerful image type goes hand in hand with creating a unique and intriguing book cover. Photography has a power of displaying messages and is crucial to captivate the right audience for your book.

Illustrative Book Covers

Illustrative Is similar to photographic front covers how ever are vastly different. Working in hand with an illustrator when making a book cover could probably be a lot quicker and easier to get visual outcomes than trying hard to get the perfect picture for a front cover. However because of the style that illustration creates this could cater for a younger audience with its style.


in order to reach a certain audience you need to look into what appeals to such target audience in order to capture their attention. Affluent audiences usually go for a more proffesional and sleek style because of their class and status. Fast Celebrity news distributions like the sun are for chaotic displays and loud colours as well as a certain tone of voice to inform their chosen readers and its important to design your piece effectively to not only suit your audience but be liked by a mass audience that allows for your audience to become larger.

Talking Turkey's - Dub Poetry

Talking turkeys is a collective of poems for a particularly younger audience. I wanted to capture and captivate this certain audience and would have to do so in an order of ways such as colour codes, language and engagement and show some familiartiy for a younger audience to appeal to. 
Benjamin Zephaniah is a slam poet and Rastafarian who is was included in the Times for being in the top 50 post war writers in 2008. His unique style of dub poetry means he performs his poems over the beat of reggae music and uses his poetry to inform people of today to make a change. 
Here are my initial ideas for the talking turkeys book. I want to incoperate the turkeys and almost play on the rasterfarian aspect and allowed that to go through on to my design. I want it to be simplistic yet effective. This one for me has got to cater for a younger audience as well as be good for parents to approve of and is something definitely to consider in the design.
Here I made my own drawing and interpretation of a Rastafarian turkey and  allowed it to be more exciting by adding this graffiti style writing and paint splurges. I wanted to create a book cover that was fun and appealing for children.

Final Product

I felt like the splats showed continuity and allowed the type to dominate the title instead of the Turkey  and changed the back body text so that the subject matter of the Blurb/synopsis is for the ideal intention and fits to the chosen target audience that is children.

The Unihabitable Earth - A book on climate change

This book is about the future and how it will probably be shaped with the way we are going with looking after it. I want this to be quite futuristic and use photographic elemetns, but as i thought on maybe i could really experiment with type. 
David Wallace Wells is an American journalist known for writing about the effects of climate change. This is a book aimed for someone with a more academic background and with more or a drive to learn and be more intellectual. This is a topic for a specific audience and has to be reflected in the design.
These are the colour schemes that instantly drew my attention and initial thought to what I think the feeling of this novel would be

Final Product

Here is the final Product of the uninhabitable earth book. I lightened the Quote so that it stands out in amongst the black stark background that was appropriate for the subject matter. I felt like this book cover worked well for the purpose and intent

Life isn't all Ha ha He he 

This is a book based of the comedic show of bbc and i wanted to captivate the essence of it through design. This is catering to not only a specific ethnic group but is trying to broaden peoples understandings and clear up the myths about their culture and wanted this to be shown through type
This book is based on the bbc a comedic series about an Indian woman living in the lively London and is all about Family, Friends and decete. Not only does this cater to a specific ethnic group but this has to cater to others and teach them and give them the understanding of their culture and this has to be reflected on the book in an effective way.
Following on from my initial ideas. I wanted my designs to be quite typographic to push the norm of this book cover but however allow aspects of India culture such as the henna designs to run through it to show familiarity. 
I wanted to experiment and allow the book to shine more by adding more elements to the cover before I started to add in things such as the blurb and quotes

Final Product

I changed the Font of the 'Life Isn't Always' and changed it to Ariel black like the HAHA HEHE although changed the treatment of it so it stood out in comparison to the rest of the title. I wanted to continue this patchwork style over the whole back, spine and front cover so it would all be considered together and added this organic flow to the whole book
<![CDATA[Proximity & Repitition]]>Fri, 16 Oct 2020 12:48:29 GMThttp://morrellsharp.grillust.uk/year-two/proximity-repititionProximity and Repetition is a great and fundamental way of creating a Brand identity and forming a consistency throughout the brand that becomes recognisable to an audience or client. Repetition of use such as logo's can be great for recognising the brand and growing the company and Proximity can be a way of making a unique way of making it become recognisable. 

Creating A Brand Identity

My job was to create an identity for the Brand Cedar Wheel that is a furniture workshop. Business cards are important for leaving a lasting impression on the clients so has to be simple and effective. I wanted to create two options of business cards one exploiting colour and the other playing around with grey scale and to present them both to show the contrast and essences of repetition.

Letter Heads & Compliment slips

letter heads and compliment slips are also vital when creating a brand because even the little things allow you to recognise the brand and what they stand for. Letter heads are important for maintaining a brand identity even when important things such as letters are carried out by the company. This means you have to stay creative but also allowing aspects of the letter to not be disturbed by the other contents on the letterhead. I wanted to do designs that corresponded and continued the thoughts of the two colours way from the business cards id created and add essences of the designs for them to be taken over and repeated on the letterheads. Compliment slips the same rules applied where I allowed the design of the business cards to determine how i was going to create the look of the compliment slips in order to continue to establish this brand identity.
<![CDATA[Balance & Colour]]>Sat, 10 Oct 2020 10:39:35 GMThttp://morrellsharp.grillust.uk/year-two/balance-colour This time we're exploiting colour and how colour and balance is used to established Hierarchy and Alingnment. Our job is to exploit colour for a bike company app that is innovative, interesting and captivating for the lints and audience to read. I wanted to document my journey doing so. I felt like the colour green really tied into the subject matter and captured what its like to be about with bikes along with earthy colours. I wanted the colour to be the main substance and almost like a brand identity of the brand Cynamo Bikes and be instantly recognisable to the brand. 
I begin to put in my gird and began to add my key elements such as my logo, my search engine and menu box with built in navagation. This was a strategy that I continued to do them critical things on to each brand to ensure continuity and brand identity. 

Final products and Outcomes 

I realised by the colours and the background being too close a colour to the other aspects of the app that it blended in and allowed to not establish hierarchy. After taking a look at other sites started to look closer how I can make it more of a unique site with fundamental principles of an app. I decided to make the colours more appropriate for the app and make it look more professional but still remaining the idea I had. I wanted to make and app that was eye catching and allowed interactive functions too engage with the customer with their wants and needs to improve the company as well as the online functions